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10 Meditative Writings for Everyday Life and Higher AwarenessWould you like to add '10 Meditative Writings for Everyday Life and Higher Awareness'?


Sometimes messages come to me through soul work and spontaneous writing. I call this meditative or automatic writing. It consists of short and powerful explanations of everyday topics.


Includes topics: Sleep, Karma, Goal, Ego, Soul, Job, Self-improvement, Couples therapy, Children, and Family.


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Welcome! I’m Lara.


I’ve been exploring the hypnosis and hypnotherapy world since my early teens. Along with my dad who has over 20 years of experience as a hypnotherapist I created this blog to help people on their own journey.

In my hypnotic trance (some might know it as Akasha, Channeling or similar) I came into contact with different entities who help us in our day-to-day life with their simple yet soothing information. Now in my early 20s, I’m ready to share these findings with you!


We created this blog to easily spread this knowledge. We explore everything from dietary habits, relationships, business, and more. Join us and explore with us.



Most of the topics come from the questions of our blog readers. With a little patience, we can ask yours too.


P.S. I am just the messenger. A psychiatrist would probably love to see me :)


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